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Boston GlobeMass. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren explains past listing of Native ...Washington PostBRAINTREE, Mass. — Democratic US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren said Wednesday she listed herself as having Native American heritage in law school directories because she hoped to meet people with similar roots. Warren, a Harvard Law School ...In Mass. Senate race, Obama brought into the frayCBS NewsElizabeth Warren defends her ancestryNECNDirectories ... Full Story »

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Paul Burdette
by Paul Burdette - May. 8, 2012

I liked how this article opens up. But as it goes through the piece I realized it was more about campaign bashing than the heritage of Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren. She is quoted and rightfully so to give her side of the allegations. The quote from her challenger is vague and does not really take a stand. What I didn’t like was the real meat in her defense was at the very bottom of the piece almost as an after thought. “Charles Fried, the professor who recruited Warren to Harvard, said any suggestion that she got her job in part because of a claim of minority status was “totally stupid, ignorant, uninformed and simply wrong.” – This taken directly from the article it is in the second to last paragraph and directly addresses the issue. The last paragraph states that a genealogist uncovered that her descendants listed themselves as Cherokee directly giving her credibility in claiming to be of Native American decent. Why this is almost after thought I have no idea. It just tells me the author was more interested in the rhetoric that sells papers than in the truth.

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