Foxconn Workers Protest, Threaten To Jump Off Roof

Workers at a Chinese factory owned by Foxconn, Apple Inc's main manufacturer, threatened to jump off the roof of a building in a protest over wages just a month after the two firms announced a landmark agreement on improving working conditions. The protest happened in the central city of Wuhan at one of Foxconn's plants. The company employ some 1.2 million workers in China assembling iPhones and iPads, among other products. It involved some 200 workers, ... Full Story »

Posted by Dwight Rousu

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Tomomi Menjo
by Tomomi Menjo - Apr. 29, 2012

The issue is well reported in this article since it includes good quotes from trustworthy sources and good transitions. Also, I thought it worked well that the author explained what had happened earlier. The title of the article catches attention since it is straight to the point. The one issue I had was the conclusion, or the lack of having a good conclusion. I did not see a good closing paragraph/sentence. It seemed to just end randomly.

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