Changes in Social Status Seen in Monkeys' Genes - New York Times

Social stress is known to have adverse health effects on both humans and primates. Now, researchers report that it also affects the immune system of female rhesus macaques at the genetic level. Stress Molds Immune System For Monkeys -- And Possibly Humans Full Story »

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Lauren Matheson
by Lauren Matheson - May. 6, 2012

This article is newsworthy because it concerns the life of animals and people right now. Humans and primates are closely related and if social stress effects the helath of primates, it can also effect the health of humans. This should bring forth a call to action to figure out how to control or deal with stress levels among humans. In today's world issues of war, economy and job market, stress is a huge factor among adults. Further research should study how to cope with the stress.

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