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USA TODAYAmericans' trans fat levels decline over past decadeUSA TODAYBy Nanci Hellmich, USA TODAY Years of warnings about the dangers of artery-clogging trans fats that Americans get in their foods seem to be paying off: The amount of trans fats in the blood of white adults in the USA dropped a "dramatic" 58% from 2000 ...Blood Levels of Trans Fats Are Declining in AmericansNew York Times (blog)Dramatic Drop in U.S. Trans Fat LevelsFood Safety NewsUS ... Full Story »

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Lindsay Grove
by Lindsay Grove - Feb. 13, 2012

This article is an example of good journalism because it indicated the topic, gets an expert’s perspective and also talks about the problem in terms of the progress it has made over the years. There was one example in this article, however, where the media makes a clear distinction between "white adults" and "other ethnic groups". As we read in ‘Prime Suspects’, the separation of groups such as this separation can cause many implications for intergroup relations as well as the practice of journalism. ‘Prime Suspects’ was able to prove that the wording of articles has enormous impacts on the message that is taken away from the article. The clear separation seen between “white adults” and “other ethnic groups” is an example of a perception created by the media that leaves readers consciously or unconsciously thinking about the distinction.

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