Through 'Turning Pages,' Fathers in Prison Read with Their Children

A Catonsville-based program works with dads at the Baltimore County Detention Center in Towson. Full Story »

Posted by Mary Hartney - via Patch - Reisterstown
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Posted by: Posted by Mary Hartney - Apr 23, 2011 - 3:59 AM PDT
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Breyana Franklin
by Breyana Franklin - May. 5, 2011

This story has a lot of potential. The topic is quite interesting but I think the broad focus did not work well. If the story focused on one inmate and then told the background of the program it might make it more interesting.

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Marie Moore
by Marie Moore - Apr. 23, 2011

It's decent journalism, just boring though. It's a great program though and interesting. it just needs to present the facts better.

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Melissa Kronenberger
by Melissa Kronenberger - Apr. 26, 2011

This article shows good journalism. I found the quotes from the fathers to be interesting. Although the author cited sources, there weren't many facts in this article. However, the article kept my attention. I am curious as to why the men are in the detention center. I am sympathetic to the children and find it encouraging that they get to read with their fathers, but am wondering why the author feels sympathy for the inmates.

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Samantha Iacia
by Samantha Iacia - Apr. 29, 2011

This story was a little strange to me. There were a few partial quotes/quotes that may have served better if placed elsewhere, so that was a little distracting. I did enjoy that the author used participants in the program (the inmates) as direct sources. It could use some improvements tightening the focus and removing some extranous information. It gets slightly dull towards the end. Otherwise, agood article - great that the fathers have a chance to do this.

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Ashley Ward
by Ashley Ward - Apr. 26, 2011

This was a good story, but I think the writer could have done a little better with organizing the story. There were good quotes, but it got a little confusing when it jumped from one quote by one person to another quote by another.

I think this is a great program. There are a lot of fathers who are incarcerated and their children either dont want to be bothered with them, or vice versa. I think the program is good because its keeping a relationship between the parent and child despite the circumstance.

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Melissa Herchakowski
by Melissa Herchakowski - Apr. 26, 2011

This is really good journalism because it is factual and informative while being entertaining and endearing at the same time. It was sourced to the best of its ability because the criminals wished to be unnamed.

I truely loved this article. It was so inspiring to know that there is a good side to everyone, including criminals. It was interesting for me to discover that programs like this exist! I think this program is not only good for the criminals, but an amazing opportunity for the children to learn both the books and to be able to spend some quality time with a parent that is missing in his or her life.

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Alyssa Zauderer
by Alyssa Zauderer - May. 2, 2011

This is a really nice idea! I would have really liked to hear from one of the children about how they feel about this. I'd also like to know about the beginning of the organization of the program.

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Victoria Karolenko
by Victoria Karolenko - Apr. 25, 2011

This is an amazing and definitely interesting topic, however the story is not well organized and a tad boring. Awesome idea for a story!

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Micah Mohlmann
by Micah Mohlmann - Apr. 25, 2011

I think this was a good idea for a human interest story. It is important to see the different sides of inmates being rehabilitated and not looking at them all as violent monsters. It is pleasant for the reader to see people making positive changes and turning around their lives. One major critical analysis I would offer is the length. The story is just a little too long and if it were to be shortened up it would keep the readers attention a bit longer. Online stories need to be shorter over the nature of people being so quick to click onto the next thing because people get bored quicker online. Besides that the overall structural format is pretty good with a healthy balance between quotes and information.

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