Twitter as Tech Bubble Barometer

As Internet valuations climb and bankers and would-be buyers circle Silicon Valley in an increasingly frothy tech market, many eyes are on one desirable, if still enigmatic, target: Twitter. Discussions with at least some potential suitors have produced an estimated valuation of $8 billion to $10 billion. Full Story »

Posted by Ellie Kesselman - via Nieman Journalism Lab, Mark Glaser, Dave Winer, Columbia Journalism Review, Slatest, Peter Avalos (t), Kaizar Campwala (t), barbara trummpinski-roberts (t), Ayo Cari Rumah (t), Wil Kristin (t), Josh_Young (t), serbian models (t), Moises Figueroa (t), Megan Taylor (t), David Wardell (t), miker1717 (t), Matthew Nadler (t), Donica Mensing (t), Jeremy Caplan (t), urmi das (t), Joey Baker (t), Ellie Kesselman (t), Rachel Fus (t), Malorie Jae Lucich (t)
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