False promise of ‘objectivity’ proves ‘truth’ superior to ‘fact’

(Video) Mr. Koppel does not have to wait. The kind of television journalism he eulogizes failed this country because when truth was needed, all we got were facts, most of which were lies, anyway. The journalism failed and those who practiced it failed, and Mr. Koppel failed. I don't know that I'm doing it exactly right here. I'm trying. I have to, because whatever that television news was before, we now have to fix it. Full Story »

Posted by Jon Mitchell
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Posted by: Posted by Jon Mitchell - Nov 17, 2010 - 10:13 AM PST
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Edited by: Jon Mitchell - Nov 17, 2010 - 10:19 AM PST
Jon Mitchell
by Jon Mitchell - Nov. 17, 2010

Olbermann has taken on a good cause here, calling for a return to reality in television journalism, and he does not totally exempt himself from his general criticisms that commentators on cable news tend to be biased. He expresses that he tries to do real journalism, but admits that his approach is imperfect. A large portion of these remarks is dedicated to criticizing his competitors at Fox News, and at one point, Olbermann offers an exaggerated comparison with that network that seems to be factually incorrect (See quotes). Olbermann and his colleague Rachel Maddow have both made unsubstantiated claims that Fox News did not criticize the Bush Administration. Help us fact-check this claim on Truthsquad: More »

While Fox may be such, we are not doctrinaire, I cannot prove it, so i’ll have to estimate it here, and if I am proved wrong, I will happily correct it. but my ... More »

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Michael Shaver
by Michael Shaver - Nov. 19, 2010

This is Keith doing what he does best which is going on a rant or in this case throwing a full-blown hissy fit. Keith takes approximately 8 min. to present his case on Ted Koppel's opinion column from the Sunday edition of the Washington Post. It's entertaining to listen to and he does offer his own perspective concerning the state of journalism today and that in its own right makes it worth viewing. Each viewer will undoubtedly evaluate and assess the validity of his points from their own personal perspective which is what gives it power and purpose. However Keith Olbermann's free association with time, facts, and historical context could mislead the reader especially if they hadn't experienced the events he mentions firsthand.

I think Keith Olbermann is one of the better journalists today, he is sincere and he has a passion for what he does however I think most of the time he is his own worst enemy. Keith is an extremely smart man and while it helps them more often than not there are times it makes him seem aloof, unconnected and smarmy. I have watched this (video) a number of times and each time I ultimately reach the same conclusion which is he is defending himself and his right to deliver the news in ... More »

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Fabrice Florin
by Fabrice Florin - Nov. 17, 2010

This opinion piece against the "false god of objectivity" in journalism does not bring any new insights for me. This passionate rant is intended as a response to an op-ed from Ted Koeppel criticizing MSNBC's brand of opinion news. But the tone is very emotional and not as well reasoned as would have liked. I have heard that argument before, and I was better presented elsewhere.

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